I Become Very, Very Nervous

March 9, 2016

Terri Homer responds to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump asking supporters at rallies to raise their hands and pledge allegiance to him:

“I read a very disturbing article in the NY Times today talking about some of the tactics occurring at the most recent Trump rallies. Apparently Trump now asks that all his supporters raise their right hand and swear allegiance to him. He also has plainclothes ‘security’ folks mingling in the crowd to ‘deal’ with dissenters by ejecting them.

When I read this and as I watch these rallies, I cringe. These tactics are very reminiscent of the early tactics used by the fascists in Germany as they rose to power. No one, especially my ancestors in the Jewish community believed that the Nazis would succeed but of course, they did.

Honestly, I am shocked and terrified. Have we learned nothing in the last 80 years since the Nazis came into power? The movement at that time started with seemingly ‘minor’ intimidation methods like those at the Trump rally. Eighty years ago many, many disaffected and angry Germans (humiliated by their defeat in WWI and by the conditions imposed on them by the peace treaty) were taken in by this Nazi fascist leader who used these same tactics and hate speech (I can barely repeat his name but I think you all know who I mean) and assured them that he would make Germany great again and eliminate all those who were responsible for their woes: the Jews and many others such as Gypsies, Slovaks, etc. Sounds familiar right but this time substitute modern scapegoats: all Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, etc

Please God, don’t let the American people be fooled into supporting a man who is using the same bullying, racist and xenophobic tactics of those used by the most criminal political party in recent history if not of all time. For those that believe that the rise of fascism could never happen here, I pray you are right. But when I watch and listen to Trump and his supporters, I become very, very nervous.”

Terri Homer is a pediatric anesthesiologist who retired to the Oregon Coast.  


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