BARRIERS & BIAS, The Status of Women in Leadership


WHAT IS THE GENDER LEADERSHIP GAP? Women are much less likely than men to be in leadership positions. In universities, businesses, courts, unions, and religious institutions, male leaders outnumber female leaders by wide margins.

There is no lack of qualified women to fill leadership roles. Women earn the majority of university degrees at every level except for professional degrees, and more women are in the workforce today than ever before. There must be something inherent in the system that’s working against them. Blatent sex discrimination is still a problem, as data from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission show. But subtler problems like hostile work environments, negative stereotypes about women in leadership, and bias also keep women out of the top spots. Unconscious or implicit bias can cloud judgment in ways people are not fully aware of.


Read the full AAUW report: Barriers and Bias, The Status of Women in Leadership


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