April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

From the April 2016 Siletz CARE Newsletter:

Sexual violence is any type of unwanted sexual contact. This can include words and actions of a sexual nature inflicted upon another person, without their consent. Anyone can experience sexual violence, including children, teens, adults, and elders. Victims of sexual assault are never to blame, it doesn’t matter what they were wearing or how they were acting before being assaulted. The people who commit these violent acts choose to do so because they seek to gain power and control over their victim. Assailants may use force, threats, manipulation, or coercion to commit sexual violence. A victim may not always sustain injuries from these attacks, it is important not to place blame or make assumptions about what happened based on the victim’s appearance or past behaviors. It is possible to prevent sexual assault by educating people about consent and by choosing to be models for healthy relationships. We can also help survivors by offering support.

Every 2 minutes another American is sexually assaulted.

Out of every 100 rapes: 32 get reported to the police 7 lead to an arrest 3 are referred to prosecutors 2 lead to a felony conviction 2 rapists will spend a single day in prison.

1 in 3 Native women is sexually assaulted in her lifetime.

For every 1,000 women attending college or university, there are 35 incidents of rape each academic year.

In 8 out of 10 cases of rape, the victim knew the person who assaulted them.

50% of victims report that the sexual assault they experienced occurred within 1 mile of their home.

Annually, rape costs the U.S. over $127billion – more than any other crime.

87% of rape victims reported that use of force was the primary method of assault. No weapons were used in most sexual assaults.

Rape is not about sex. It is about POWER & CONTROL

April 5: Listen to Her – 7:00-8:30PM Samaritan Center for Health Ed. Listening tour to discuss women’s issues in Lincoln County, dinner and childcare provided.

April 7: Notes of Hope – 11:30AM-1:30PM Siletz Admin Lunchroom Come write an encouraging message to be given to a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault.

April 13: The Hunting Ground – 6:00PM Siletz Community Center Screening of a film about sexual assault on college campuses, followed by an open discussion about the film. Dinner provided.

April 22: Tree Planting – 2:00PM 60+ Center, Newport Ceremony and Dedication

April 26: Notes of Hope – 11:30-1:30 Clinic 2nd Floor Conference Room Come write an encouraging message to be given to a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault.

April 27: Denim Day – All Day. Wear jeans to work to show support for survivors of sexual assault.

April 2016


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