Whither Bernie Sanders?

Nel's New Day

Bernie Sanders, poised for his big win in Wisconsin, suffered the day before from a New York Times piece based on interviews with over a dozen advisors, Sanders, and his wife Jane. It’s content would have typically been published after a loss instead of during Sanders’ potential to climb after he won four caucus states–and five more delegates–two days earlier.  Interviewees lamented waiting too long for advertising, too much time in New Hampshire and too little in Iowa, big rallies instead of small groups, not reaching out to the black community, and waiting to hit Hillary Clinton on her speeches to Goldman Sachs.

A damning transcript from a NY Daily News interview came out the same day, showing his awkwardness in answering both foreign and domestic policy questions. Although reforming Wall Street is his campaign’s centerpiece, he admitted that he didn’t know how to break up the big banks and wasn’t exactly sure how the Dodd-Frank…

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