Celebrate the Anniversary of the 1st Women’s Rights Convention!

In 1848, five friends (Lucretia Mott, her sister Martha Coffin Wright, Elizabeth Cady Stanton,  Mary Ann M’Clintock and Jane C. Hunt) gathered for afternoon tea. They shared stories and discussed the difficulties related to being female. Then they decided to take action. The women convened what would be the first Women’s Right Convention on July 19-20 in Seneca Falls, New York.  More than 300 people attended this historic event that happened 168-years ago and still affects our lives

To give voice to their grievances, these brave women issued a Declaration of Sentiments, modeled on the Declaration of Independence, which boldly declared that “all men and women are created equal.”  Their Declaration also included the first public demand for women to have the right to vote.


The slogans of today remind us of the lessons of the past.  For decades, women have been plotting to overcome restrictions and encourage rebellion.
From The National Women’s History Projecthttp://www.nwhp.org/

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