How Can Anyone Trust Trump?!?

Comparing Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact’s truth scores for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make it clear who the most trustworthy candidate is.  It is clearly Clinton, and by a LANDSLIDE!  Trump’s statements were either False or Pants on Fire a whopping 53% of the time!  Clinton?  13% !  Trump’s statements were only True or Mostly True 15% of the time, while Clinton’s were True or Mostly True 51% of the time.

Trump’s statements were awarded PolitiFact’s 2015 Lie of the Year.
The Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact scorecard:
TRUMP                             CLINTON
True                                   True
10 (4%)                              57 (23%)                           
Mostly True                     Mostly True
29 (11%)                            71 (28%)
Half True                          Half True
37 (15%)                            55 (22%)
Mostly False                    Mostly False
44 (17%)                             37 (15%)
False                                   False
88 (35%)                             27 (11%)
Pants on Fire                    Pants on Fire
47 (18%)                             6 (2%)
Most recently:

Donald Trump abandons Obama birther conspiracy


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