Mike Pence might have won the debate, but Tim Kaine was the only one who left with his dignity still intact.

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, the problem I have with Donald Trump is that he actually believes his shit doesn’t stink. And the problem I have with his supporters is that they are pretending nobody just stunk up the bathroom. Honey, have you seen these lunatics that keep going on TV to either defend or otherwise try to make sense out of the things he says? I have to wonder if they they can still look at themselves in the mirror these days. Of course, there’s a good chance they no longer have a reflection.

Now they are celebrating that Mike Pence can walk and chew gum at the same time. Bless his heart but Pence was so tied in knots that I’m pretty sure he no longer knows whether to check his ass or scratch his watch at this point. He spent the whole night claiming that Donald Trump didn’t say what we…

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