Sexism Played a Big Part in the Election of Trump!

November 10, 2016 – By Nancy Mead

It was fun last night watching the apoplective reactions of all the female h supporters, including all the MSM news anchors. The exact reason why (emotional creatures) women should never be given important positions of responsibility. I would never have wanted one in my foxhole, or as a patrol partner to be depended upon. This picture speaks volumes…but of course liberals don’t understand.”  – Herb Goblirsch


Yesterday morning I opened this email that was sent to our Central Oregon Coast NOW Chapter email address.  I have been contemplating whether to share it and whether to publish the author’s name.  After seeing that another Central Oregon Coast NOW member who is also very active in Ceasefire received the same email from him and had posted it on Facebook, I decided that it is important that it be shared.  No question in my mind that sexism played a big role in this election.


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