You get knocked down and you get up again, wipe the orange stain from your clothes and then what?

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, maybe we have this all wrong. Maybe the big news didn’t happen on Tuesday. Maybe it was Wednesday. They say Trump woke a sleeping giant, but maybe that giant didn’t wake up before the election. Maybe it woke after the election when we all finally realized that everything we hold true and dear about this nation can indeed be taken away. Maybe, just maybe the sleeping giant is actually the millions who trusted in hope and love instead of those who walked into a polling booth and secretly voted for hate and fear.

I saw a map today of voters age 18-25. The map was shockingly blue from coast to coast and even in the middle. Could this be true? And if so, how do we ensure those voters don’t become jaded?

I am not sure what is next for Margaret & Helen but we are not dead yet…

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