FDA’s Losses

Nel's New Day

I’m addicted to The Rachel Maddow Show, as anyone who knows me can tell you. She’s one of the very few bright lights since November 9, 2016. Last night she had a particularly spectacular segment on Donald Trump’s (DT) proposal for the head of the Food and Drug Administration. As we’ve watch the attempted destruction of the United States through DT’s nominees, this one—hard as it may be to believe—seems to stand out.

The transition team is considering Jim O’Neill, a managing director for Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel’s Capital Management. Thiel himself is an interesting figure who believes that the United States was destroyed in the 1920s when women got the vote. Last summer he was the first openly LGBT person to speak at the GOP convention and endorsed the platform that opposes hate-crime laws, HIV funding, and appropriate bathroom use by transgender people, calling it a “distraction.” At the same…

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