Time to turn up the heat—Senate staffers are complaining about the avalanche of angry calls

By Jen Hayden Friday Jan 13, 2017


Attribution: Getty Images for People for the American Way

Have you been calling your senators and congresscritter to object to racist Jeff Sessions for Attorney General or lodge an objection to one of Donald Trump’s other uniquely and wholly unqualified Cabinet picks? Have you been calling to defend the Affordable Care Act and tell staffers how important it has been to you or a loved one? Great. It’s working. From Washington Post staffer T.J. Ortenzi last night:

FOR FULL STORY:  http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/1/13/1620094/-Time-to-turn-up-the-heat-Senate-staffers-are-complaining-about-the-avalanche-of-angry-calls


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