Sexual Harassment: Not In Our School!

shnios-buxton is an innovative video for K-12 parents, middle and high school students, schools, and community organizations. It’s about gender equality in education, students’ protections under Title IX, and much more. Video Contents  Media Reports

As high school students plan for their new gender equality group, we watch them interview nationally recognized education, legal, and LGBTQ experts and learn from counselors, advocates, parents, and students. The video offers simple steps and engaging activities to make schools safer with equal learning spaces for all students.

was created by parents who know—first hand—how important this information is for K-12 families. Share it widely. Use the Presentation Guide to invite others to start the conversation!

shnios-buxton is free of charge. Your tax-deductible donation helps to defray production costs of Part 1 and allows us to produce Part 2.  To make your donation, please use PayPal or Generosity. Thank you!

Send us your feedback and take the online evaluation.

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools has released a free video+action plan for the K-12 audience about sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and students’ protections under Title IX.  Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! is available online at   SSAIS is seeking individuals and organizations to get the word out so students, parents, and schools can use the video+action guide to begin building healthy learning climates.

The video follows a group of high school students as they plan a gender equality club, interviewing nationally known education, legal, and LGBT experts. They observe a Title IX coordinator address a parent’s complaint, learn how a crisis center offers confidential help to a student survivor, listen to advocates, and brainstorm engaging activities to create safe and equitable schools.



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