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STEM COMMITTEE report for April 2016 COC NOW meeting
submitted by Janice Eisele, 23 April 2016

The STEM Committee (Kayleen Williams, Michele Walters, Nancy Campbell-Mead, Jen Martin, Anne Sigleo, and Janice Eisele, along with Kay Wyatt, have been meeting frequently since January.  Our primary attention is on the continuing planning and preparations for Earthquake Camp this July.  Response to our initial info broadcasts and personal contacts with people in the community having good contacts with middle school age girls was virtually non-existent. We have broadened our PR greatly, with the posting of posters and flyers,  press releases through online website and blog postings, print media, and direct contact.  The application for Earthquake Camp is available online as well as by paper handout.  Since expanding our PR, we have received one email inquiry.  We have also clarified that the age range for camp is any girl presently in grades 6 through 9.  Press Release: .   See camp brochure at:

Other topics of discussion at our STEM Committee meetings include a Starry Night test-run this August, and the desirability of hosting a Girls Code Camp next year.


November 6, 2016

Earthquake Camp Instructor Kay Wyatt, Central Oregon Coast NOW (COC NOW) President Nancy Mead, COC NOW Vice President and STEM Committee Chair Jan Eisele, and COC NOW Treasurer and STEM Committee Member Michele Walters receives grant from the Siletz Charitable Fund

The Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation was awarded a grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Fund of $1661.00 to be used by the Central Oregon Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Committee for its planned 2016 Earthquake Camp for girls.  The camp will provide central Oregon coast middle school girls with the opportunity to learn and use engineering, geology and math skills to make a seismometer to measure the earth’s movement.  They will learn what causes earthquakes and tsunamis, what steps to take to make sure they and their families are safe, and also will make earthquake/tsunami preparedness kits that they will be able to take home.  Depoe Bay geophysicist Kay Wyatt will be leading the camp.

The camp is part of the STEM Committee’s work to interest girls and young women in STEM subjects and careers.  Women are way underrepresented in STEM fields.  This means that a lot of potential talent is missing from from these fields.  It also means that women are losing out on more lucrative careers.  Overall, women earn only 79% of what men earn.  Women in STEM jobs earn 33 percent more than those in non-STEM occupations and experience a smaller wage gap relative to men.

In addition to the Engineering Camp, the STEM committee also hopes to conduct a “Starry Night” astronomy camp for girls during the summer of 2016. Central Oregon Coast NOW has helped sponsor two girls robotic teams, and also the 2015 GEMS (Girls in Engineering and Marine Science) Camp.  Some of the STEM committee members have served as mentors for the Newport Science Fair students, and as judges for the MATE ROV robotics competitions.  In addition to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Fund, NW Natural has also been a major contributor to the Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation for its STEM programs.

STEM Committee Meeting 7/23/2015
Attendees: Michele, Nancy, Kayleen, Janice, and special guest Kay Wyatt
Using ideas for future STEM activities that we have brainstormed at previous meetings this year as a starting point, we created a short list of 2015- 2016 NOW STEM Committee events and activities.
Not in any particular order, here is the list of the events/activities that the STEM Committee members plan to develop, request budgets for, find co-sponsor and partners for, and conduct:
1. Collaborate with OCCC and high school(s) in northern Lincoln County to form and support a Girls Who Code Club.
2. Design a half – day workshop around the use of the app “Circle of 6” as a line of defense for young women. Initially collaborate with OCCC for the first workshop for young college women, and then migrate the workshop into high schools in the district. We discussed holding this first one in October.
3. Provide t-shirts for all attendees (30) and staff (9) of the Girls in Engineering and Marine Science (GEMS) camp upcoming in mid-August. Our COC NOW logo, as well as the logos of the other sponsors, would be on the t-shirts. This is a good way to keep COC NOW’s partnership in the STEM Hub active.
4. Earthquake Camp for 10 girls, to be held at a place TBD (our first choice is the Culinary Center in Lincoln City) in July 2016. Kay Wyatt has conducted this type of STEM activity in the past, and graciously and generously offered to play a seismic role in our STEM Committee day camp event.
5. STAR Party Night Out – two overnight astronomical experiences, the first for approx. 6 4-5th graders and their parents/chaperones, the second for girls in junior high and higher grades. There will be instruction, solar viewing, a BBQ, night sky viewing, sleeping (maybe, if lucky), and a no-fuss breakfast. Again, Kay Wyatt has been generous in starring in the logistics and expertise required by this event.


April 28, 2015

Committee Members have been busy with various projects as well as traveling, so we have been unable to meet since the end of March.  However, our involvement in several STEM activities in the community has continued.

Our plans include research into, followed by selection of a summer camp or similar STEM activity to “sponsor” or support during the summer, as well as making preparations to sponsor STEM activities for young women and girls starting in fall with the new school year.  We will consider fundraising activities for acquiring sufficient resources to dedicate to STEM sponsorship, and hopefully will be able to do this under the 501c(3).

Kayleen Williams participated in mentoring of the Issac Newton Magnet School all girls’ MATE ROV team.  She also made a personal donation of $$ to the school to further assist the RAD ROV team in competing at the regional competition.

Both of the all girls’ MATE ROV teams that COC NOW mentored and supported advanced to the MATE ROV Regional Competitions in North Bend, OR this past weekend (April 24, 25).  From Eddyville Charter, the team Kanaloa competed in the Navigator Class, and from INMS, the RAD ROV team competed in the Scout Class.  Competition consisted of three phases:  A marketing poster evaluation, a sales presentation evaluation, and a mission demonstration in the pool.  Both teams competed in all three phases in their respective class.  Competition was fierce among the 17 Scout Class teams and the 10 Navigator teams.  The members of Kanaloa and RAD ROVs were very professional and enthusiastic in their participation, sported team t-shirts acknowledging the support they received from COC NOW and the STEM Hub, and thanked COC NOW for our support.  Although neither team placed among the top 3 in the class competition, they made a great effort and persevered to the end!

March 24, 2015

STEM Committee Members: Kayleen Williams, Nancy Mead, Michele Walters, Janice Eisele, Judy Bowman-Kreitmeyer, Michele Kemper

At our last meeting (March 9), the committee members attending decided to spend a couple of weeks brainstorming and researching STEM-related activities and/or events that we can support over the summer school break.

We also recapped our current project of supporting all-girls MATE Robotics teams. There are currently two all girl teams being supporting in their efforts to go to the regional competition in N. Bend in late April. In addition to our financial contributions to supplies and t-shirts for the teams, we are providing each team with a mentor – Kayleen is mentoring the Issac Newton team and Celia Ross, a retired marine biologist, is mentoring the Eddyville girls.

We made plans for how we can better publicize NOW STEM team support and recruit mentors for next year’s MATE ROV competition.

Our next meeting is March 24 at 4:30pm at Starbucks in Newport. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.


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